The Stylista Diaries is an American novel created by Maryam Wells. It tells the story of cosmetology major Celine Roberts from Los Angeles, who creates a blog sharing her top hairstyles, the products she uses, and adds humor to it.


Follow the lives of Jessica and Kelly Wyatt, mother and daughter blondes. Jessica is an working hairdresser, who dreams of owning her own salon; and her daughter, Kelly is an cosmetology major in college, with aspirations of being a top hair stylist.


  • Jessica Wyatt - Hairdresser. She owns her salon, the Cutting Edge
  • Kelly Wyatt - Cosmetology major in college.
  • Parker James - Celine's friend and hairdresser at the Cutting Edge.
  • Danielle and Davina Hamilton - Twin hairdressers.


  • Celine Roberts' Guide to Hair Styling
  • Celine Roberts' Guide to Nail Art Design